Friday, February 22, 2013

Bookstore Magic with Author Nick Bruel.

Children's book author Nick Bruel and his bad kitty tie. 

I mentioned in my last post I have a goal to attend one writing event every month. I recently made this a multitask effort by making it a family affair and took my six-year-old to see Nick Bruel-- author and illustrator of the Bad Kitty books -- at our local Barnes and Noble. Not only was it a great experience for me as a mother and aspiring author, but for my little girl? Bookstore magic.

To her, the bookstore now isn't just a shopping destination. Now it's a place where real authors come to visit. To have a chance to meet the writer of a book you like so much in the cozy kid's corner of a bookstore? So special.

My girl with her Bad Kitty mask. Guess what she wants to be for Halloween next year?

The whole event was probably only and hour long, but in that short amount of time, it kind of changed my daughter's life. She got to see the very person who not only wrote, but drew a book she has in her very own home.

How exciting is that? I never got to meet real author until I was in my 20s.

There is something so extremely inspiring about being in the same room with someone who's work you admire. My girl saw the man who created Bad Kitty is a real live, funny person. He's a dad, who likes kids and likes what he does for a living.

Nick Bruel illustrating Bad Kitty.

Nick Bruel showed the group that by adding a few simple strokes, he could change Bad Kitty from happy to sad. From worried to angry. My gal's favorite example was when he made Kitty's eyes large and dark to turn them "adorable."

My shy girl being brave to get her book signed.

Also a special treat? When he signs his books, he adds a little illustration next to all the names. My daughter is a little shy, so going up to talk to him gave her a big confidence booster.

Then, of course my generous gal was worried that we didn't have anything for her brothers. She insisted I get signed books for them too. I ended up walking out of the bookstore dropping a few more $$ than I planned on, but I feel okay with the splurge.

I'm supporting the love of books. Showing my children that reading is worth the investment. With all the online resources we have now, with cheaper books and ebooks, I wonder how it's going to effect my kids. Will there still be libraries to go to? Places for authors to visit? Unanswered questions for another post, but for now I'm happy we still have bookstores. And the wonder within them.

Because you know what happened the very next morning? I found my girl on the floor with her brother. Telling him all about meeting Nick Bruel and reading to him her latest book. Bookstore magic. Completely priceless.

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  1. I love bookstores too! I almost cried when Borders closed down. Must be the writer's in us :) I've been starting to collect all the books that remind me of mom for my future kids haha.