Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Husband and Cassandra Clare.

Fancy big bus for the Mortal Instruments tour in front of my local Vegas Barnes & Noble.

A few weeks ago, author Cassandra Clare came to Las Vegas. I've bookmarked this event in my calendar and have been super pumped about going for awhile now. My younger sister is a huge fan too, and I've been looking forward to getting her a signed book for her birthday. Clearly I am in the running to become Favorite Sibling of the Year.

Can you even see the front? Me neither. This was just one section of the bookstore dedicated to the author event.

On the day of Clockwork Princess book release, I went to Barnes & Noble to purchase the latest book and picked up wristband for the book signing the following day. My wristband was only #238.

Large number = long wait in line.

No big deal, right? I thought it could be a lot of fun to be with all the other Mortal Instrument fans and besides -- it's for a good cause. I have a birthday present to get!

Fan with rune tattoos. So Shadowhunter awesome.

Unfortunately, the next day when my tired pregnant body caught up to my unrealistic energy expectations, I realized I wasn't quite up for the fangirl task I had in mind.

Standing in a long line with my poor achy back and the exhaustion of finding a seat in a huge crowd -- no way. I am third trimester pregnant. The last thing I need to do is be on my feet. Hello, black cloud of sadness. Goodbye, awesome birthday present.

My husband noticed my moody despair and we had the following conversation:

Me, (completely mopy and defeated): "I'm so exhausted right now. I don't know how I'm going to make the book signing." (Insert deep sigh.) "It was almost a great birthday present."

Husband (without a moment's hesitation): "Why don't you stay home and I'll go in your place."

Me: . . .

Me (after recovering from the awesomeness that I just heard): "Are you serious?! You would do that? You are volunteering to go stand in a long line, in large crowd, for a book you're not even into?"

Husband: "I know you really wanted to get that book signed for your sister. So yes, I am. Volunteering."

Me: (insert cries of happiness and lots of profuse thanking) "YAAAAAY!"

Because I am a curious creature, I asked my husband to take photos while he was there. All the pictures in this post are from his phone, and yes. In case you are wondering. He was pretty bored-- but was still super positive about the whole experience.

Understandably, urban fantasy books about demon-hunting and YA romance aren't really his thing. He is however, supportive of my creative endeavors and people. He willing went for me. He totally deserves props for that.

I got to live a little through his eyes at the bookstore that night and I'm so glad for it. Although, I think he found more amusing books than I would have ever stumbled across:

One of his bookstore finds while he wandered. I think he's Christmas present hinting.

He totally knows I'm dedicated my first book to him. 

While it won't be Underwater Dogs the Sequel (husband's bookstore find #2), hopefully it will be just as great.

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  1. props to him!!! that is awesome. and i feel you, veeda. i don't even like to stand to do the dishes. clarify. i ESPECIALLY don't like to stand to do the dishes!