Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Good Job 2013.

While I haven't blogged much this year, I've accomplished a lot in terms of my goals, many of which were writing related:
Late night yoga with writing group (not all pictured) . Let the NaNo words flow.

 1) I have a writing group. What started out with just two people in January has blossomed into many more. They are all great support and I still can't believe how lucky I am to have all of these wonderful ladies in my life (not all pictured).

50,000 words in one month. I am a winner!
2) I wrote two books this year. Two!!! I am in such disbelief I don't think I can put enough emphasis on this major accomplishment. TWO BOOKS. I've had something I've been working on for the past five years that I finally finished it in September. Spent October outlining another book and then wrote like crazy during the entire month of November (i.e. NaNoWriMo). So life changing.

3) I almost made my bed everyday this year. I set this goal and really did quite well until May when my baby was born. After she came into my life . . . well. Let's just say I've been lucky to get sleep in that very same bed.

4) I can write daily. This year, I learned that I can -- and need to -- write everyday. Writing practically everyday in November (I didn't write on Sundays) was great in showing me that even with four children, I can make time to write. Even for 30 minutes. Even after bedtime or 5 a.m. Even if I have to take the baby with me to get the job done. I realize that when I force myself to write, that day I feel good about myself. My developing skill. My family. Basically, everything.

5) I attended many writing events/book signings. Barnes and Nobles definitely got my monetary support this year. Despite the smaller pocket book, every one I went to was well worth it and inspired me to continue to reach for my goal to be a published author. The only downfall is now I have more books than the time it takes to read them. :(

Pies I made for Thanksgiving. They were so good.
6) I cooked more for my family. While I'm spending more time in the kitchen, I haven't touched my food blog in over a year. A small part of me is sad, but bigger part of me is proud that I let it go for a time. I still find happiness in making a homemade meal, but writing about it isn't the way I want to use my time at the computer. Maybe one day food blog. One day. I won't delete you just yet.

So, thanks 2013! You've been so good to me. It was the year of first draft writing, babies and baking. I already know there are great things coming in 2014 and I'm excited to see what's in store.

Happy New Year everyone. 


  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous year! Those pies are sure beautiful. Good luck with your publishing goal.